Friday, October 15, 2010

a few pictures from 2010

Hop over to this link, to see a few pics from last weekend.

Love to you all!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Someone always straightens their hair at Girls Weekend and Gigi loves it so!

Trip Down Memory Lane

I know some of you were missing some years, and we'll be sure to get hard copies for everyone, but I thought we could start off with the background and history of our girls weekends, courtesy of our talented Jackie!

Girls Weekend--10/28/07
Each Autumn as the Maple turns and leaves fall to the ground
Our family has a special time when ladies gather round

The evening winds grow cooler as the branches shake and bend
This means only one thing to us--it's time for Girls Weekend!

So order up that plane ticket or gas up your car
It's October Aunt Joyce--knock, knock her we are!

Sisters, cousins, mothers, daughter, arrive without a spouse
You know what that means poor Uncle Mike--sorry, now leave your house!

Ten years ago it started just "The Lovelies" and Aunt Dar
There are now so many more of us-can you believe we've come this far?

Year two it changed a little bit when who should come but Jill
The more the merrier was the thought but some ladies were missing still.

Each when October cam around our clan of sisters grew
We found the perfect missing piece when Sara joined our crew.

Even the men contributed when all was said and done
They brought us Mandy and Eden to join into our fun

For years we gathered in Claremore and shopped at Utica Square
Now we meet in the country with its own special charm and flair.

Our arms are laiden with bottles--wine, margaritas and beer
Somebody break out the corkscrew--I believe happy hour grows near.

But all of the hours weren't happy we've had some stress through the years
We've managed somehow to get through it with the help of some wine and some beers.

Remember the year we all worried our weekend not quite up to form
We waited on phone calls for hours--our Jay was stuck in a storm.

We've pondered potential mates, do the names Vinnie and Steve ring a bell?
Jordan, good thing we wised up otherwise we'd be living in hell.

There were years when some were absent from the shopping, chatting and games.
We missed for parties and boyfriends, looking back it's really a shame.

There is always the question of children the moms don't know quite what to do
Leave them at home with their daddies so Mimi and Gigi can shop too!

There are hectic times in the kitchen with people cooking all day
Our best cook is certainly Jodie but please stay out of her way.

And who can forget all the diets each year we eagerly try
Weight Watchers, South Beach and Atkins--forget it now give me that pie!

Though of sisterhood bond is tight I guess true love does conquer all
For who could forget the year Gina talked all weekend with Paul.

Sometimes we bring little gifts wonderful treasures held dear
Will we ever get through all the sharing without someone shedding a tear.

We always find ways to keep busy there's never a moment of rest
We've even glimpsed at our futures by taking the pencil test.

Our weekend can't last forever each year it all ends far too soon
We laugh and we cry and we drink then it's Sunday afternoon.

We pack up our bags and new boots someone will inevitably buy a pair
Then we cry and hug and snap photos that we always promise we'll share.

Another weekend has passed as we leave with heavy hearts
It seems each year more difficult to say good bye and depart.

Each year our bond only tightens as our love and our friendships grow
I know I will see all my sisters again when once more the Autumn winds blow.

2008 Update
The leaves have started turning and here we are again
Back for round eleven our our beloved Girls Weekend!

So much has happened this year: transitions, additions and re-vamps
New homes, new puppies and Baby Hays and our Jayhawks are National Champs!

The time has come to gather so let the bonfire burn
Forget about your real life because Sisters, it's our turn!

2009 Update
Nieces and aunts, mom and cousins the years roll by an even dozen
Our group is smaller but still we gather to share our stories, love and laughter.
This year we're in Ottawa, a new location--I guess Aunt Joyce needs a vacation!
We welcome one to our sisterly tribe ,our new baby Emmy has finally arrived
So here we are ladies, let's all raise a glass to us and our memories--present, future and past!

2010 Update
Another year has passed and we find ourselves once more
Blessed to be together like so many years before.

This autumn marks number thirteen an unlucky number some say
But all we feel is good fortune for memories of yesteryear and today.

Perhaps we'll really get lucky; we'll just have to wait and see
We might have a special delivery as we welcome our new baby

The bond that we share together is more than just luck or odds
The sisterly love that surround us is our own special gift from God.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sisters of the Corn

Sounds much nicer than "Children of the Corn", eh?

Hope everyone has made it home safely and has properly prepared their detox diet for the upcoming week.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Welcome to the Girls Weekend Blog

Welcome to the Girls Weekend blog.  We can't wait for you to help us fill in the memories of years past.  What was the funny phrase for that year?  Who was sick?  Who was depressed?  Was anyone pregnant?

We can't wait to chronicle the memories of this very sacred weekend.

With love,
Jordan and Gina